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The Australian Institute of Entrepreneurship (AIE) is a registered Vocational Education and Training Organisation (RTO NO. 21996) since 2007. The Australian Institute of Entrepreneurship is also a Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS Provider NO. 02999J) provider and meets the standards required by the Federal and State Governments in Victoria, Australia. AIE delivers award programs for students in Hospitality and Leadership & Management.

Traditionally qualifications are based on theory delivered from an academic perspective in an educational setting. Australian Institute of Entrepreneurship (AIE) learning methods are soundly based on learning by doing and action research. Indeed these programs have proven to enhance the capabilities of the participants. Australian Institute of Entrepreneurship (AIE) programs have been specifically designed and focused on to enhance the dual capabilities (personal skills and entrepreneur capabilities) for the participants.

Australian Institute of Entrepreneurship (AIE) strives to offer affordable and high quality education in a friendly environment. The atmosphere at AIE is very student friendly. Trainers and administration staff are always happy to assist students with any problems which they may face and work to make the students feel at home in the AIE family.

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